Tuesday, May 6, 2014


  • HTML + XML Support

    The XML support provided by this plugin makes the slider very easy to setup and maintain but you can also use HTML markup. If you choose to use HTML, you have the flexibility to structure the slides either as an ordered / unordered list or using DIVs.


  • 100+ Possible Transition Effects

    Instead of predefining only a few transitions, this plugin provides several properties, each property having from 5 up to 23 possible values. These properties can be combined to obtain hundreds of transitions. Expect to see even more in the future!



  • Thumbnails

    The thumbnail image is a very important UI element because it allows you to quickly preview a slide without loading the large image.


  • Different effect for each slide

    You can define a different transition effect for each slide, using either the plugin's JavaScript API or XML attributes.


  • Fully customizable

    You can easily change the position of the elements or even replace the default graphics (preloaders, arrows etc.) with your own.


  • Slideshow and Shuffled modes

    You can set the slider in slideshow mode and you also have buttons to pause or resume the slideshow. The shuffle property allows you to randomize the slides.


  • Callback functions

    The plugin provides a few callback (transitionStart, transitionComplete, slideOpen, slideClick etc.) functions so you can detect, for example, when a transition starts or is complete.


  • Different sized images

    You can use images of different sizes. Images larger than the defined width or height will be cropped and you can specify an alignment type (centerCenter, leftTop, bottomRight etc.) for each image.





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