Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Accordion Gallery is a lightweight jQuery plugin, providing a unique and innovative image gallery, with rich effects, semantic markup, and accessibility in mind.

Using HTML5 markup, CSS3 properties and transitions where available, and optimized code, Accordion Gallery is both powerful and flexible, being very easy to set up, customize, and even create your own themes.

 Besides all of this, it includes support for mobile devices, being tested on Android, iOS(iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad), Symbian(Nokia phones), Palm Pre, and Opera Mini and Mobile.

Using CSS3 transitions the gallery has the main benefit of being hardware accelerated on mobile devices, making the effects faster and more responsive


  • Full semantic HTML5 markup
  • Use of CSS3 transitions(where available) for animations
  • Support for multiple galleries on a page
  • Full standard keyboard navigation
  • Accessible by screen reader or other assistive technology
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • No less than 7 great looking themes from the start
  • Very easy to create your own themes with CSS
  • Graceful degradation when JavaScript is not available


Add this widget to your website for $10. Please contact us : info@9pixle.com



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